"Our sincere appreciation and warm gratitude to the Gymnastics Federation of Romania"

Dear President,

The European Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championships organised in Cluj-Napoca were more than successful, they were a great Event with breathtaking performances, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 1st European WAG Championships.
We wish to express our sincere appreciation and warm gratitude to the Gymnastics Federation of Romania, the Local Organising Committee, without forgetting of course the many volunteers.
The terrific and tireless work all of you have accomplished allowed a highly remarkable organisation of all competitions. The success of this important event is therefore also your success! [...]


The 7th edition of the European Gymnastics Championships - Petrom ended.
Was a lovely week after a fabulous show of gymnastics at the highest level.
It was a week of many emotions, a difficult week for all competitors in their desire to prove valuable. And the best of the best climbed on the podium.
It was a difficult period, with a deployment incredible and in terms of organization to ensure athletes the best conditions of competition.
All this organization of the European Championship - Petrom would not have been possible...
without the dedication support of Cluj-Napoca,
without partners and sponsors involved,
without their tireless and enthusiastic volunteers,

without dedication and efforts of many people, who understood significance of the moment,
without the public with a big and warm heart. [...]

Romanian fiesta in Cluj

The atmosphere in Cluj’s Polyvalent Hall was truly electrifying, packed to the brim with more than 5000 spectators. Loudly cheering for all gymnasts, the audience got their money’s worth, witnessing spectacular performances on the last day of these European Championships. Crowd favourite on vault Marian Dragulescu vaulted to another medal, silver this time after winning gold on floor yesterday. The former European and Olympic Champion on this event, nailed her routine and was in tears when the score flashed. Catalina Ponor -  5th European title on beam! When the legendary Nadia Comaneci awarded Catalina Ponor the gold medal, the audience went wild. Larisa Iordache finish at 3th. Other champions:  Artur Dalaloyan (Russia) - vault,  Oleg Verniaiev (Ukraine) - parallel, Angelina Melnikova (Russia) - floor. [...]


A great mix in the floor final of veterans and up-and-coming talents which resulted in spectacular gymnastics with few big mistakes. Alexander Shatilov put the bar on 14.400 early on, to be overtaken only by crowd favourite Marian Dragulescu. Russia’s Dmitri Lankin tumbled his way onto the podium but couldn’t overtake the Romanian legend. So 17 years after his first European medal, Marian Dragulescu wins the European title on floor. [...]