Everything  happened so fast, I was just happy that both my vaults were good, I wanted that before anything, I wanted to be myself satisfied with my vaults, I didn’t even think of the score,  I mean I knew I rank first after the first one, but really everything happened so fast and all I felt and feel is pure joy.

The event is great, the organization is great on all levels, I am very happy to be here, these are my first European Chmapionship and everything is great, the area, the people, the atmoshphere.


This bronze medal comes definitely unexpected. But it was really hard to see ‘Becky’ fall. I feel sorry for her, especially because I know how hard she works for it and the pressure she is on. But I am sure she will come back even stronger from this.

I came on as second (on the uneven bars), and normally the scores get higher when it goes on. And it did a bit. When Elisabeth (Seitz) scored the same as me, I thought it might be a tie-break-thing, but we both had the same start by and same execution, I joined as third.)

My faults could have definitely been a bit better today, but do all the emotions last night, I wasn’t that sharp.


I am very happy with the results, I did my best, so this is it.

I usually have problems all the time with my legs, now I am good, so I am happy. This keeps me going.

My vaults are not so good for the medal, I know I need to work harder.

I’m tired all the time, but I love gymnastics, so this keeps me going.

The organization is very good and the atmoshpehere is lovely. It was such a great surprise that they sang Happy birthday today, at the end of my vault. It was like a present to me.