What do you think was the key of winning today?

The key is that after the Olympic Games we just did a small break for holidays to rest my body, but we continued to work much more, so I think this is the key, pretty much it all goes down to this, working harder and harder.

Courtney Tulloch is stronger than me, he showed that, but seems like you don’t necessarily win if you’re the strongest. I think that if you find the perfect match between cleaness and being strong you will win. He is young and for sure he is a threat for, but I really believe in healthy competitors, so I always love to compete with stronger athelets.

I am going to work harder, maybe rise up a little my routines, if I can do it as clean as today, but a bit more difficult I think I can make it happen in the future and, as my coach always says: You are not the best in the world or in Europe in general you are the best right now.


I am ok, I had a very good routine today, too bad of the timing. I’m lucky to finally be in a championship, after quite some time, so I am content with the result. This is a fantastic week, with the silver medal yesterday in the all around, today bronze and then we still have hopes for today.

My plan for the next three years, until Tokyo, is to get stronger. I’m not so young, but this is my next dream, the Olympic Games.

Tokyo is my favorite dream, I got a gold medal in 2011 and I had a qualification for London, so now I dream of Tokyo.

The organization is great, the city is great, the people are so friendly, I am happy and lucky to be here.


I am very happy to win a medal todat because it is my first silver medal on the floor, I am very happy to be a medalist and I think it was a great final, with Marian Dragulescu, he is a specialist on this apparatus, so if I get to be the second or third after Marian it’s ok for me.

What I feel I need to do to be better than today is improve my routine and maybe work on some more difficult ones for the World Championships.

Asked about competing against Marian Dragulescu in his own country, about the pressure of it: I thing the pressure was only to marian because he is competing at home and it’s not al att easy to compete at home.

The Organisation of the event is nice, the city also, transportation, hotels, everything is great. And also the atmosphere in the competition.