Sala Polivalenta Cluj-Napoca

Aleea Stadionului nr. 4, Cluj-Napoca

Tel. +40.264.483.160

E-mail: secretariat@polivalentacluj.ro

Web-site: www.polivalentacluj.ro

Capacity: 7.700 places

The Cluj-Napoca Polyvalent Hall is situated in the city center, on Stadionului Alley, right next to the Cluj Arena stadium. Just a 7 minute walk from downtown, through Central Park.

It is the biggest indoor sports arena in Romania, can accommodate up to 10,000 people in its largest concert configuration.

The Polyvalent Hall makes use of 38.410 square meters (including underground parking with 445 spots) distributed over five levels: underground parking, ground floor and floors 1-3.

Access to the venue for all ticket holders will be made through the ground floor.

The first floor is entirely dedicated to the event participants, with generous spaces for cloakrooms, restrooms and bars.

Second floor is both for general public and special guests (VIP), the latter having an area with separate access, opened to the lodge, bar, conference halls and more.

Third floor is designed specifically for media coverage.


The WARM-UP HALLS (WUP1 and WUP2) are l0ocated in the same place. They are equipped with a complete set of apparatus + additional PH and PB (for the MAG warm-up) and additional UB and BB (for the WAG warm-up)