I kind of feel the bars really good, so when I am learning new elements  I don’t have big problems about that, I am not afraid to try all the crazy exercises, I guess this helps me a lot.
We are such a small country, but I was always told we can dream big and do big things.

Asked about having been disappointed to miss the bars final in the Olympic Games she said the lesson was to work harder and improve and work on the little things. And this medal I won today is like a revenge for not making it then.

At the moment I can’t really believe that I actually won the gold medal. It definitely needs some time to sink in, before I’m aware of it. But obviously it’s a fantastic feeling! When Rebecca (Downie) fell, I was shocked, especially when she lay still on the floor. Of course I realized at that moment that I won the gold, but my thoughts were directly with her: I really hope she is okay and it’s nothing serious.


I am so excited, I am so happy, I have a medal on this competition, so I am happy.

I have many strengths, so I will just work, work and work for the gold medal.


I got the best out of myself today. Better than this wasn’t possible. I could have only dreamt that my two jumps would work out like this.  It definitely was an advantage to start as 2nd in the final, because I knew that I had to take it all out, if I wanted to make a proper chance. For quite some time I was thinking: ‘will this be enough for a medal?’ But in the end I’m very satisfied with my fifth place. The level in the final was very high, so it’s really nice to come so close. For me it’s the confirmation that I belong to the very best. Now I am just going to enjoy this classification and work from there on: to end up on the podium in the future.

The difference between me and the gymnasts that score higher at the moment is the fact that they work with a higher difficulty level. So I need to work on that.

This result won’t mean that I’m gonna swith my focus to the vault. My heart is definitely into the all-around competition, so I would like to keep combining them. But, to make a proper chance on vault, I really need to work on my ‘D-score. That’s definitely possible.