The 7th edition of the European Gymnastics Championships – Petrom ended.
Was a lovely week after a fabulous show of gymnastics at the highest level.
It was a week of many emotions, a difficult week for all competitors in their desire to prove valuable. And the best of the best climbed on the podium.
It was a difficult period, with a deployment incredible and in terms of organization to ensure athletes the best conditions of competition.
All this organization of the European Championship – Petrom would not have been possible…
without the dedication support of Cluj-Napoca,
without partners and sponsors involved,
without their tireless and enthusiastic volunteers,

without dedication and efforts of many people, who understood significance of the moment,
without the public with a big and warm heart.

To all, our thanks!

Thanks also veterans of the war in Afghanistan who lived different emotions, standing guard at medalists Flag.
Thanks to all nearly 300 competitors for their efforts.
Thanks to all delegations of the 37 countries present at Cluj-Napoca because they chose to come in “the heart of Transylvania”.

We also thank the European Union of Gymnastics that gave us such a festive occasion, we could celebrate together this wonderful sport called GYMNASTIC!

Local Organizing Committee President