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Volunteers registration is oficially closed!

Yesterday, 1st of March 2017, the deadline for volunteeris applications for the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships has been officially reached. Throught the online form we received 290 application, out of which there were some international applications.
The Romanian Gymnastics Federation and its partners for the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships volunteering program: The “Coubertin Crew” and the Association “Mişcarea Sportivă a Studenţilor Transilvăneni” want to thank all the candidates for their interest, dedication, passion and enthusiasm.
The next step of the program started already last week, when lots of candidates had their interviews. The deadline for interviewing is set for 10th March. All candidates will receive the response letters by 15th March.

Come to the European Championships in Cluj!

On the occasion of European Artistic Gymnastics Championships, which will be held in Cluj-Napoca in the period 19 to 23 April 2017, the Romanian Gymnastics Federation announces the launch of volunteers recruitment campaign, conducted with the support of  Association “Mişcarea Sportivă a Studenţilor Transilvăneni”  from Cluj-Napoca and “Gaşca of  Coubertin from Bucharest.
Returned to Romania after 60 years, the “Europeans” gymnastics, the first big competition in the new Olympic cycle, is one of the most important sporting events of the year in Romania, an event to be attended by 295 athletes from 37 countries, with the great international resonance.
Volunteers are the heart of any major sporting event and their contribution to the development of the event is significant, moreover, on this occasion with the opportunity to be part of a team passionate about gymnastics, to collaborate with experts in organizing sporting events, to -and practice and gain various skills, while their own contribution to the organization of the event.
Those selected will to contribute to the smooth running of the event in important sectors of the organizational system (media, spectator support, protocol, deployment area competition, media, information desk, ceremonies, protocol, IT and others).

 The deadline for completing the application form is March 1st 2017 and this can be achieved by accessing



 Also, for any questions, you can send an email to voluntari@clujeuromgym2017.ro
Contact: Radu Serban Tiberiu (Cluj), Raluca Grigore and Ovidiu Condurache (Bucharest)